Personal Style

For the past four years I've been away at college in South Florida, I was dealing with a serious identity crisis. The most serious crisis a fashionista will ever go through...

fashion identity crisis

I felt conflicted wearing my vintage cowboy boots living in the warm tropical climate, it didn't quite feel right. So, I had to set out for a new wardrobe of course, one suitable for the flashy Florida lifestyle. But now I lay that wardrobe to rest as I begin my adult life back home, here in Texas. I've been sifting through stacks of old clothes seeing what I can salvage for my new and improved wardrobe, much like retail therapy. I know the kind of looks I'm into, but officiating my own personal style has been a little difficult, even for the self proclaimed fashion expert. I've been spending way too much time on Pinterest and other people's blogs that I'm starting to become distracted from the task at hand. I'd often times mimic certain outfits from celebs and fashion icons, but that left me feeling a little shameful.

Every 20-something girl has that phase where they're transitioning between different styles just to see what feels right. After a series of trial and error you land on just the right look; whether it be boho, classic, punk, or trendy you find the right fit. But through those few months of shopping, test trying outfits, you soon discover your own style.

This fashion identity crisis was not easy for me, especially since I'm known for my personal unique since of style and am an aspiring personal stylist. I had to approach myself as a client, how would I guide a client towards fashion self discovery? Honestly, I'm still not quite sure what my label would be. I'm leaning towards trendy, since my style is a mixture of a little bit of everything.

ASOS top, Zara pants, Celine purse

American Apparel top, vintage pants, Gucci purse,
Oliver People's sunglasses

H&M shirt, Jcrew pants, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Hermes birkin

BCBG shell top, Banana Republic pants, Anthropologie hat,
Gucci purse, Chanel platforms

H&M shirt, vintage skirt, Christian Louboutin pumps, Pinko fringe clutch

Personal style is a fun journey, it means more than just finding the right garments, it means self acknowledgement. Finding what's on the inside and reflecting it on the outside, attracting the right kind of people you want to know you, that deserve to know you. Experiencing fashion identity crisis opens up your eyes to the truths that what you wear reflects who you are. Any type of style that you obtained can be achieved at any price point, with a little effort you can wear a five star outfit with a one star budget. It's all apart of the journey.