How to get a great discount

You know I am an honest person, because every time some one compliments me on an outfit, purse, or pair of shoes I always am quick to say "oh well thank you I got it on Ebay" or "thanks! got it on sale!"
One of my friends tells me that I shouldn't say that to people, it's just unnecessary.
But I disagree with her, I think it's important that people know I got it on sale or on Ebay, because there is no way I could afford it otherwise! Plus it would be insane to say that I am a college student and I own over 10 pairs of Louboutins, all purchased full priced.

My closet is my museum. My hobby is collecting clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry that I know I will keep for a lifetime. A very expensive hobby, I know. So how I make it possible I resource.

Everyone knows what Ebay is. But not everyone likes it. None of my friends are fans, because they don't know how to use it and are too scared to trust the sellers.
A few of my friends know of the designer discount websites like GILT, Ruelala, One Kings Lane, Luxeyard, and lots more.

This is how I am able to have a great collection in my closet with out being in debt!
It is possible and very easy.

Here are my top websites that I check daily... yes daily
*New things come up everyday so if you are as interested as I am in seeing the new shipments or just bored and would rather do something more fun than spend hours on Facebook then take a peek*

Bonanza is basically the same as Ebay. Same concept and everything. Sometimes Ebay sellers link their accounts with a Bonanza account.

EBAY ADVICE: 1. Check the sellers feedback. If they have 100% then you know you can trust them. Even if it isn't 100% take some times to read their reviews, sometimes it might just be a difficult buyer, or something might've gone wrong.
2. If the seller has lots of pictures of the item and it is apparent that they took the pictures on their own, then you know you can trust them.
you know that this seller is serious, because they have taken pictures with an average camera/phone and they placed the product in front of it's original packaging
this seller might be questionable. it's obvious that they went online to one of the department stores and just snagged a picture.
3. Do a little research. If you are looking for a specific product try and look up it's original price so you know if the seller is trying to get a good deal out of you. Briefly study the pictures of the product to see what makes it unique and real. Even if you are skeptical of a seller, keep looking through their "store" to see if they follow the same patterns.
4. Use common sense, if you don't want to do research about the product your looking for then take a second to use your best judgement price wise and quality wise.
5. Have a little faith. Sometimes even if everything checks out things can go wrong or be misleading. But the most important part is to trust the seller, not all sellers are bad, in fact there are very few scammers out there with all the rules Ebay has. If you happen to get a bad product just send the item back, notify Ebay, and give a bad review simple. You just learned your lesson for next time.

My last discounting secret is consignment stores , lots of people get turned off to the idea of previously worn or used items. I think there is nothing wrong with it. I would say about 40% of my closet has come from consignment stores.
Lots of people now are putting positive spin offs to consigning. They are saying that it is environmentally friendly and better for the economy/recession.
Consignment stores are definitely a hit or miss. They might have great items, but they are just way too worn or distressed.
There are a lot of different type of consignment stores; clothing, children's, furniture, and designer.
My best advice to find the best and closest consignment store near you is to Google it.
I still am on my quest for finding one here in South Florida, but I know a couple of great ones in Houston!

The other one is called Couture Blowout

All stores happen to be on Westheimer Rd.

Hope this has been helpful post if you have any questions feel free to email Her at Lizzy3291@aol.com
I will try and answer them as best as I can!